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About the Mod

History of the Project

The Valarian mod studio, producer of Wars of Arda, was founded by the Doctor and Elrond Halfelven. However, no real coding started before our leader now, Mordred (Argolis), joined. Before joining the Valarian mod studio, Mordred was known for his mod, Extended Campaign. It was, like its name, made to extend the Battles for the Middle Earth II campaign, which only had the Northern Battles, to include those missions in Battles for the Middle Earth I. Mordred joined the Valarian Mod Studio as a campaign scripter, soon became the coder, because of his skills in coding.

Soon, the Valarian started on the first project: The Fall of Sauron mod. It featured the campaigns made by Mordred, a Last Alliance faction, separation of Rohan and Gondor, the addition of Galadhrim warriors, and such. But unfortunately, the site soon went down after the first Fall of Sauron mod beta tester recruit, and the Doctor, later regretfully left the BFME modding world, leaving Mordred, our present leader in charge.
Because of a serious computer crash, and the situation with the website, Mordred decided to combine the 2 projects that were in the plans: Fall of Sauron, the project that was being worked on, and Wars of Arda, which was merely an idea, of bringing in factions from other eras: First Age, Fourth Age, etc.


The mod was totally reworked, and the first private beta included modifications on the Elves. Even with only him being the active team member, Argolis has soon presented the private beta 4 before shelving of Rise of the Witch king Expansion. It had a very heavily modded Elves faction, including the mini faction system, lot more heroes, and some new skins that were left by Eldarion our co-leader and skinner. After private beta 5, the mod was changed to fit Rise of the Witch king expansion, and was running on a weekly beta schedule for a short while, each with great amount of things being accomplished: in that time, 1 new faction was worked on, for every 2 private betas.


Although the site experienced few more crashes, the mod and the determination of the team to finish the mod never died. The mod and Argolis soon walked out the hardest part, when Eldarion returned, and when several new team members joined: Eruo, the concept artist; MORTW, a colleague of Argolis who can model, along with JEV3, Alensis, Digital General, and others.


Although since then several team members, including Digi and Eldarion have left the project due to other commitments leaving the core team of Mordred, EHL and JEV3 we are still progressing and hope to soon (finally :) release a complete version of the mod.


A demo of the mod was released publicly on christmas day 2007 featuring the 7 War of the Ring era factions in varying states of completion. Since then significant progress has been made and we're now very close to release. Just you wait.....MwuhahahahahahHaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!






I'm sorry, I dont know what came over me there.

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