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About the Mod

The Team, Past and Present



Current Mod Team


Mordred - Ive once been described by a fellow modder as a "jack of all trades", and I suppose thats pretty accurate. I do a bit of modelling, a bit of skinning, a bit of web development and a LOT of coding. ive been working on this mod in one form or another since summer 2006, and ive been running it since the departure of the Doc.


JEV3 - JEV3 is a skinner/modeller in addition to doing 2D art and also he is Site Manager, meaning he is the second admin of the site.


Elrond High Lord - Joined the team as a 2D artist, but has been promoted to skinning.




Retired Mod Team

The Doctor/Hybrid - Mod Founder, Modeller, Skinner

Valandil/Anarion - Modeller, Skinner

Fingulfin - Coder extraordinaire

Digital General - Digi is our master mapper, and has been with us for several months now. He has produced such masterpieces as Dol Amroth, Ettenmoors and Sturlutska Khand. He is also responsible for our ever expanding campaign.

Eldarion - Myself not included eldarion is the longest standing member of the current mod team, and has moved from 2D art to skinning and produced some fo the mods best skins (most noticeably the entire Lorien and Gondor factions.

MORTW - A co-worker of mine who once made the mistake of letting me know he did 3d modelling for fun...Sometimes I get the feeling he regrets letting me know that...

Curufinwë Fëanáro - 2D artist. produced some nice 1st age stuff, as well as several evil men portraits.

Erou - Our teams artist, producing some really impressive stuff, my personal favourite being the original landscape painting of the harbour of Dol Amroth, the basis for our current Dol Amroth skirmish and campaign map.

Alensis - Another former Beta Tester, Alensis has produced a lot of 2D art and a few skins.

Servant of Sauron - concept artist, joined recently, and has been working on a couple of larger projects I have given him.




Beta Testers



El Kevo


Elendil The High




Killboy the Elf

Nethelen Narcu




Ring of Fate





Some of the many people who have helpded the mod out with models, skins and other stuff. Please let me know if ive forgotten you.


RJ Rotwk Mod - The excellent multi angle camera system, plus plenty of other help.

Rob38 - Horde Mounting Guide.

Vapula - Ugluk, Gil Galad.

Matias - Blue Wizards, the Necromancer.

Nertea - Iron Hills Dwarves, Dol Amroth Knights, Prince Imrahil.

Cahik - Uruk Scouts, Half Trolls.

Dre@mer - Several of his maps.

Caluadan - Veteran 2d art guy Cal has done quite a bit of exclusive stuff for WoA.

Tubaloticus - 2D artist from the now abandoned Penguin Alliance mod. Has recently joined onto WoA.

The Dead Player - Hasharin.


Sasuke - Produced quite a lot of building and weapon models for us.

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