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StarCraft II has Arrived






Starcraft II Released



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It's been over a decade since StarCraft was first released, and with its excellent story, sophisticated multiplayer, and interesting factions it changed the way Real-Time Strategies have been played since. Now at last, StarCraft II has been released, placing you in shoes of Jim Raynor, a revolutionary who is haunted by the many crimes of the Dominion.


The Campaign enables you to choose what to upgrade, what mercenaries to hire, what research to explore, and even what missions to take. (and in what order) Between missions you can explore the battlecruiser in a point-n-click interface to learn more about the world around you, the characters surrounding you, and maybe even find a few bonuses.


Because the story does not really focus on training the player for the intricacies of the competitive scene, they also offer Challenge mode. These include several missions which encourage awareness of some of the more important techniques as well as give you an opportunity to come back and beat your best score.


The multiplayer scene will force you through five placement matches in each league before it determines where you belong, but once placed you're likely to find a fair challenge that's not too brutal. Besides the standard leagues, you can form a party with a few of your friends and be placed in team-based ladders as a group. If you have cold feet, you can enter into an unranked co-op against some AI, or play a custom game which also offers you an opportunity to choose from the many creative possibilities of the galaxy editor.

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