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At the heart of the WoA mod is the minifaction system. It allowed us to bring in hugely increased numbers of units and heroes without turning the individual factions into a complete mess.


Each faction has what is referred to as a "Core Faction" which is the section of the faction you start with. This includes all or most of the factions buildings (the Dale Barracks for example requires Dale) and a full assortment of units and heroes (generally roughly equivalent to, or larger than, an original ROTWK faction). Each core faction contains at the very least a scout, a basic melee unit, some form of anti cavalry, some form of ranged unit, some kind of cavalry and a siege weapon (even if its only a basic battering ram) plus an assortment of other units.


For example the Lothlorien Core Faction (the apltly named...Lorien) contains:








Galadhrim Warriors (the basic infantry unit of the elves, dual weapon sword and bow)

Galadhrim Glade Gaurds (Pikes)

Galadhrim Glade Riders (Archer cavalry)

Marchwardens (dual weapon scouts)

Galadhrim Vanguards (Helms Deep Elves)

Handmaidens of Galadriel (healers)

Battering Ram


While the Lorien core is lacking in certain areas it does include all the basic items to win a match without having to purchase a minifaction (one of the aims was making minifactions desirable but not essential). Each minifaction however provides certain special units that will give you a boost in a certain area, for example Mirkwood gives you the best stealth units and the most powerful archers in the era.





Silvan Sentinels (dual weapon double sword/bow)

Elvenkings Gaurds (ultimate meat shields to protect your heroes)


And the remaining minifactions each give you a distinct bonus


Mithlond: heavy defencive pikes and skirmisher type units

Rivendell: Elite Infantry, Elite Cavalry, powerful magic users

Fangorn (shared with Rohan): Ranged Siege


Each faction has between 3 and 4 minifactions giving it different bonuses and propping up a weakness of the core faction.


Then theres the Inns...


Each era will have 2 sets of Inn units. Good and Evil.


In the WOTR era the good and evil inns both have 3 full minifactions available to them.


Good has The Shire (hobbits - BFME2 style, hobbit swordsmen, hobbit archers and of course the hobbit with the shoulder fired missile launcher. No. Im not joking.), Arnor (elite dunedain rangers, plus Aragorn and Halbarad) and the expensive but powerful oathbreakers. Evil gets Gundabad (goblins), Umbar (Pirates) and Withered Heath (dragons, including Drogoth...a nice counter to the oathbreakers I think).


Plus because I didnt want him feeling left out, Gollum is hanging out at the Inn, just waiting for an evil player who wants a stealth unit.

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