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New Features

Game Mode: King of the Hill

King of the Hill is the first of our new multiplayer game modes to be implemented. These maps will be 2 or 4 player (I feel any more would become chaotic and near impossible to beat) and will work pretty much as follows:


Each player will start with not only their normal fortress but an indestructible Obelisk (one of our new neutral structures, acts like a special map fortress such as orthanc or the arcade) and several indestructible battle towers, meaning that it is impossible to win purely through destroying the enemies buildings.


At the centre of the map (or in the case of a map like Weathertop at the maps main geographical feature) will be an extra large Obelisk. To win the game you have to capture this building (by the normal means of a capture flag) and keep control of it for a fixed length of time (In "Fallback - 2 Player" the first KOTH map this was 2 minutes, not as easy as it sounds).


There will be a fair handful of KOTH maps, mostly based around symettrical maps, especially ones with a notable feature near the middle (again, such as Weathertop).


The mode is purely multiplayer as the AI cant comprehend an objective other than a straight attack on the enemy base.


Along with the next public mod release a script import file (along with a map.str file and a set of instructions) will be released to allow you to convert any map to KOTH in about 10 minutes (all that you will need to do is place and name the obelisks, import the scripts and you're done). This will be along with a second script import file which will include the day and night cycle and the map based part of the RJ mods camera code, and a community map section on this site.



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