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Game Mode: Conquest

The second of our new game modes is entitled conquest. Essentially its an RTS version of traditional Control Point FPS games (the battlefield and battlefront series and of course...LOTR: Conquest).


Like in King of the Hill mode each players base is indestructible and comes with several battle towers. To win you have to play to the modes objectives.


Scattered around the map are several Obelisks, each with an associated capture flag. In the top left of the screen a scorecard will be displayed at all times showing each players score and the target score to win the round.


Every second a timer activates and for each obelisk you control you are awarded a point. There is also a 50 point bonus per Obelisk for the first capture. The first player to reach the target score wins. Simple eh?


The first Conquest mode map was The Lorien map from BFME2, and control points were in both the river fords, one on the east bank of the river and 4 in clearings through the forest for a total of 7 (many maps will have less control points than this, but the code has been designed to take up to 15 to be on the safe side.


Again there will be a fair few Conquest maps and unlike KOTH these will primarily be non symmetrical maps, fortress maps, city maps and more unusually shaped ones. Again im afraid this is multiplayer only as the AI wont be able to handle it.


Along with the next public mod release a script import file (along with a map.str file and a set of instructions) will be released to allow you to convert any map to Conquest in about 10 minutes (all that you will need to do is place and name the obelisks, import the scripts and delete the scoreboard code for players 3 and 4 if theyre not being used). This will be along with a second script import file which will include the day and night cycle and the map based part of the RJ mods camera code, and a community map section on this site.

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