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The Inn

The Inn


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Server: esper.net
Channel: #WoA-inn

The Wars of Arda community is beginning to outgrow the forums. The site team wants to encourage the kind of casual conversation we've been seeing on the forums without it preventing the topics from serving their original purpose. As a solution, we have installed a chatroom dedicated to discussion within the Wars of Arda community.
Feel free to come in and chat with your friends or discuss the mod and set up games. The support forum is not currently accessible, but when it is we will offer a link to it here.

To jump right into the chatroom, click "Join the Discussion" above, or follow the #WoA-Inn subforum's redirect. If you already have a chat client of your own, then you can find a direct link to the channel in the subforum's description which will open up in your default chat client. Or you can enter the room manually by typing "/server esper.net" and "/join #WoA-Inn" without quotes in your IRC client of choice.
For help getting your nickname registered and other IRC actions, feel free to ask any of the operators present in the channel until the support forum is back online. The #WoA-inn subforum redirects to the chatroom in your default IRC program. You can also enter the chatroom by typing "/server esper.net" without quotes and then "/join #WoA-inn" without quotes in your IRC client of choice. We may try to see if we can have some chat software that uses the IRC channel embedded into the forum in the future, but for now, be sure to check the topics pinned in the forums "Wars of Arda Inn" subforum to learn how to set up your irc client.

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