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Hey Look, A New Site!

This part of the site has now had its upgrade done. I think im not gonna bother reenabling comments in this part for now but ill probably be adding some new sections just as soon as I start adding extra content.

 Also the new forums are now online. They need some finishing off and its quite possible you may need to reset your password to log in. If the automated "forgot password" link fails email me ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and ill reset manually.

Forum Downtime

Im taking the forums down for an upgrade (well, porting to other software).


Could be 5 minutes, could be a couple days...it depends.


On the plus side stay tuned for updates on the mod (im trying out a new years "get the hell on with stuff for christ sakes" thing involving catching up on my vast pile of old games, projects and things ive wanted to catch up on.).


EDIT: Mucho weirdness occurred during conversion. I ported our current forum database to a localhost server running on my pc. All simple. Now due to the age of our current package i cant convert direct to the current phpbb, having instead to go through an old version....except the converter TO that old version is labelling almost everything after "Cirno Day" as non existent....How intensely peculiar....I think she and I are gonna have to have words....


Double edit: Now this feels like the old days, sitting at a desk full of nerdy memorabilia, final fantasy remixes playing on headphones, working on something inexplicable. Me Gusta.


Triple Edit: Many problems occurred porting from phpbb2 to phpb3. Belive I have them tracked down now. Turns out huge blocks of continuous text in forum posts break the converter. so far ive found lengths of binary from old forum games, pi to way too many digits and an excessively long "NOOOOOOO"....


Forgotten what the word is for this one Edit: FOrum database is now converted to the current PHPBB build. I am now putting all the forums back into their levels and sub levels and reviewing permissions. Im gonna keep it all down until Ive got both that back online and the Main page (ie this that youre looking at now) upgraded too.



In the meantime, heres a dog:




Hmmm....What does THAT button do?

Yeah, yeah, i know somethings wrong....Im working on it, and ill sort something out as soon as I can. In the meantime your call is very important to us and will be answered by the next available highly trained and selectively shaved chimp.

Video Game News: The Humble Indie Bundle, Aquaria goes Open-Source, Portal FREE until May 24th

The Humble Indie Bundle includes Aquaria, World of Goo, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture, GISH, and also Samarost 2. It is being sold at the novel price of... whatever you're willing to donate to charity. Want to give the charity all eighty dollars which the bundle is worth? go right ahead. Want to give it a single buck and run off with the games? you can do that too! Each one of these games is excellent and there's quite a bit of variety, from an underwater epic, to a shooter, to a horror game, to a puzzler, and more. Be sure not miss out on the chance to own these games and feel generous at the same time.


Get the Humble Indie Game Bundle now!


On top of that, four of the games included in this bundle are becoming open-source. These are Aquaria, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture, and GISH. The Gaming Experience has reviewed Aquaria already and its already had some rather generous modding capabilities, but now you can take the engine and make whatever you want with it, releasing it for free under the GNU license.


Last but not least. You know what Portal is right? That game that won a ton of awards for its excellent physics puzzles and the use of the portal gun that gets a sequel in the near future (Valve time). And the full game (not the demo) costs like twenty bucks... thirty if you get it alongside Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, and absolutely nothing if you get it between now and May 24th.

...wait, what?


Portal Promotion



When life starts handing you gifts left and right, it would be very rude and incredibly bad karma not to accept them. Or to tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends. Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising, and it still works.

Video Game News: Starcraft 2 and Mechwarrior 4

News about Starcraft 2 has been spreading since its announcement two years ago, but now the release date has been finally announced. On July 27th, the epic conflict between the Terran, the Protoss, and the Zerg continues.

Raynor fights a losing war against the tyrant, Emperor Mengsk. Zeratul searches for the truth fearing the return of the legendary Xel Naga. Meanwhile the Queen of the Blades prepares to conquer the universe once and for all.

The campaign will be told through three games, the first of which, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty will be released this summer. It will follow Raynor through a nonlinear campaign where you can improve your army, learn more about the Starcraft universe, or research upgrades onboard the hyperion. At some point you will also gain access to a short mini-campaign featuring the Protoss.

The multiplayer has been ironed out with the beta testing for the past several months. It does not dramatically change the system from the first game, but adds new units and new strategies in place of some old ones. Battle.net has been tweaked allowing a much more inviting environment for the less skilled players, while also allowing you to spectate games, and share maps.

The game also uses Battle.net for cloud distribution and to allow you to download the game wherever you play. After you connect to verify your account, you can also play games with "guests" on your LAN network.

The Galaxy Editor coming with the game is extremely robust. Already folks with to beta have used it to make some excellent maps and mods, including a startlingly accurate Tetris remake. Eventually, Blizzard hopes that there will be mods worth selling over battle.net, similar to the distribution of Garry's Mod and Half Life Deathmatch on Steam.

The game will retail for sixty US dollars, though the more avid fans (including myself) can pay one-hundred US dollars for the special collector's edition including a 176-page art book, a soundtrack, an exclusive comic, a 2gb USB flash drive shaped like Raynor's dog tag preloaded with Starcraft and Brood War, special battle.net emblems and an exclusive Thor skin, and a "baby Thor" pet for your WoW character.

Mark your calenders, July 27th!

In other news, another long-awaited classic series has had its last game polished and rereleased to its fans.

MechWarrior 4 Free Rerelease

Smith and Tinker Inc has finally negotiated all of the legal issues with Microsoft and have now released Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries for free through the MekTek modding community. With new multiplayer servers, over one hundred 'mechs, new weapons, better support for the new 'mechs, a nonlinear campaign and more... old Mechwarrior fans and newcomers alike can enjoy return to the famous series.

2010 is indeed the biggest year in gaming...

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