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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo - Things which I consider awesome

Hi all, just had my first chance to play the L4D2 demo (at least ahead of whatevers playable on saturday at eurogamer) and heres a few cool things which Ive not seen posted about elsewhere.


1 - Some of me may know you to be a bit of a Jonathan Coulton fan, to the point of having been to a couple of his shows over here. I was somewhat surprised to find that when i used a jukebox the first song that started playing was "Re: Your Brains". Suffice it to say that the 2 hordes that subsequently charged me were most welcome. As was the machete I was waving at them.


2 - You can throw canisters of boomer puke over enemies and get the horde to attack THEM. I used this on a witch. She was NOT amused.


More to come when I play on the manlier difficulties.

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