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Forum Downtime

Im taking the forums down for an upgrade (well, porting to other software).


Could be 5 minutes, could be a couple days...it depends.


On the plus side stay tuned for updates on the mod (im trying out a new years "get the hell on with stuff for christ sakes" thing involving catching up on my vast pile of old games, projects and things ive wanted to catch up on.).


EDIT: Mucho weirdness occurred during conversion. I ported our current forum database to a localhost server running on my pc. All simple. Now due to the age of our current package i cant convert direct to the current phpbb, having instead to go through an old version....except the converter TO that old version is labelling almost everything after "Cirno Day" as non existent....How intensely peculiar....I think she and I are gonna have to have words....


Double edit: Now this feels like the old days, sitting at a desk full of nerdy memorabilia, final fantasy remixes playing on headphones, working on something inexplicable. Me Gusta.


Triple Edit: Many problems occurred porting from phpbb2 to phpb3. Belive I have them tracked down now. Turns out huge blocks of continuous text in forum posts break the converter. so far ive found lengths of binary from old forum games, pi to way too many digits and an excessively long "NOOOOOOO"....


Forgotten what the word is for this one Edit: FOrum database is now converted to the current PHPBB build. I am now putting all the forums back into their levels and sub levels and reviewing permissions. Im gonna keep it all down until Ive got both that back online and the Main page (ie this that youre looking at now) upgraded too.



In the meantime, heres a dog:




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