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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo - Things which I consider awesome

Hi all, just had my first chance to play the L4D2 demo (at least ahead of whatevers playable on saturday at eurogamer) and heres a few cool things which Ive not seen posted about elsewhere.


1 - Some of me may know you to be a bit of a Jonathan Coulton fan, to the point of having been to a couple of his shows over here. I was somewhat surprised to find that when i used a jukebox the first song that started playing was "Re: Your Brains". Suffice it to say that the 2 hordes that subsequently charged me were most welcome. As was the machete I was waving at them.


2 - You can throw canisters of boomer puke over enemies and get the horde to attack THEM. I used this on a witch. She was NOT amused.


More to come when I play on the manlier difficulties.

Steam Community/The Inn

Hullo again everyone,


As well as our recent foray into the wonderful world of criticism I would like to talk about a couple of other things.


Firstly I'd like to see some more of you in the Inn, even with 4 or 5 of us its pretty fun...and the more the merrier, you know?


Secondly Ive started a WoA Steam group recently, and ive now made it public membership. This is basically so we can get into the same TF2 or left 4 dead game from time to time!


heres the link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/warsofarda/




Expansion To Games

Now recently the other games Section in the forums have been expanding to include multiple other games.  Therefore we've come to see that we must expand to include other games.  Here are a few the things you can expect to see in our blogs:



Reviwers- el Kevo, Mordred, JEV3

The Purpose- With so many games out there and review sites run by people you hardly know can be intimidating.  Therefore we've decided that we shall review games for you seeing as we can feel a bit more trustworthy in this space.  We aim to bring you fair reviews that we feel a game deserves even if other reviewers might disagree with.  Of course as thew site expands we will be hiring for more reviewers so keep your eyes out ;)

Scoring- Game scores will be based upon a total mean of 4 categories:





Each of these 4 categories will be given a score which will then be added to others and then divided by 4 to give us the total score.  Like other popular sites such as IGN and Gametrailers we find that using this method allows us to dig deeper into the game on indivdual parts.

An optional piece will be posted within the review but still seperate from the scoring if deemed necessary.  With multi-platform releases some people find themselves wondering which version to get.  We will spill the beans and tell you which version is the definitive version if we see that there is a big enough difference to even care.



A demo comes out and people are excited.  Of course some people aren't sure whether or not the game is right for them.  We take the demo under the scope and examine it.  Then we tell you the details and if we feel like the game will become a fine purchase.



Every year there comes 2 times when awards feel necessary to give out awards to the best of the best.  These are the times around E3 and the End of the Year.  At the end of these wonderful times all the reviewers will get together and decide on the nominees for each category and eventually the winner.  These will be exciting times.

New Site Launched

Thats right its here. Some new stuff will be posted soon to go with it!

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